Top Online MBA Programs for Accounting Professionals

As an accounting professional seeking to advance your career, you know that earning an MBA can open doors to management and leadership roles. With work and family demands, pursuing a traditional on-campus program may not be feasible. Fortunately, top business schools now offer online MBA programs tailored to working professionals like you.

In this article, you’ll discover highly-ranked online MBA programs designed for accountants that deliver the same rigorous curriculum as their on-campus counterparts. We’ll explore specialized accounting coursework, career services focused on roles in corporate finance and public accounting, and flexible delivery formats that allow you to earn your MBA without career disruption. You’ll find the inside information you need to choose the best online accounting MBA program for reaching your career goals.

Why Earn an Online MBA in Accounting?

Advance Your Career

An online MBA in accounting can help position you for career advancement into leadership roles like accounting manager or controller. The additional education and skills gained from an MBA program demonstrate your dedication and ability to take on more responsibility. Accounting MBAs also open up opportunities to transition into fields like financial analysis or management consulting.

Increase Your Salary Potential

On average, accountants with an MBA earn over $23,000 more per year than those with only a bachelor’s degree. Over the course of your career, an MBA can add $1 million or more in lifetime earnings. The advanced knowledge and skills gained in an MBA program allow you to qualify for higher-level jobs with greater compensation.

Build Your Professional Network

Enrolling in an online MBA program allows you to connect with classmates and professors who can become part of your professional network. These connections may lead to mentorship opportunities, job referrals, collaborations, or client referrals that help you advance your career. Developing a strong network is crucial for career growth.

Learn Advanced Accounting Concepts

An online accounting MBA program provides in-depth knowledge of advanced accounting topics like financial reporting standards, taxation, auditing, and fraud examination. You will gain a broader understanding of how accounting integrates with other business functions. This advanced knowledge positions you to take on more complex job responsibilities and roles.

Develop Leadership Skills

MBA courses in areas like organizational behavior, strategic management and communication help build valuable leadership skills. You learn techniques for motivating and managing teams, making strategic decisions, and resolving organizational challenges. These skills are necessary for career progression into management and executive levels. An MBA in accounting provides a solid foundation in leadership to build an accounting career.

PhD Internship

Program Rankings

When determining the top online MBA programs for accounting professionals, several factors were considered. Rankings were based on criteria such as AACSB accreditation, accounting concentration options, rigorous curricula, and affordability. According to these metrics, the following programs are ranked highest:

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Isenberg Online MBA provides a thorough accounting curriculum with concentrations in forensic accounting, international accounting, and management accounting. Coursework emphasizes data analysis, critical thinking, and communication skills essential for accounting leaders.

Affordability and Flexibility

For affordability, Western Governors University’s online MBA in Accounting is an ideal choice. With competency-based programs and subscriptions of $3,500 per term, students can accelerate their degree and pay less overall. The self-paced curriculum allows working professionals to balance coursework with their careers.

Similarly, Southern New Hampshire University offers an online MBA in Accounting for $960 per course. The program teaches both technical accounting skills and soft skills like leadership, allowing students to advance their careers at an affordable price and flexible pace.

While rankings provide guidance, the right program for you depends on your needs, priorities, and budget. Look for AACSB-accredited schools with dedicated accounting curricula, reasonable costs, and convenient online formats. An MBA can open doors to leadership roles with higher pay, greater responsibility, and a more rewarding career. With so many reputable schools now offering online MBA programs for accounting, the opportunity for advancement is within your reach.

Key Tips for Choosing the Right Online Accounting MBA Program

Consider Your Career Goals

Think about why you want to pursue an online MBA in accounting and how it will further your career. Some programs focus on preparing students for the CPA exam, while others focus on management roles. Choose a program that aligns with your career objectives.

Review Program Accreditation

Accreditation signifies that an MBA program meets high academic standards. Look for programs accredited by AACSB International, the top accrediting body for business schools. Accredited programs often provide higher quality education and job opportunities.

Compare Curricula

Compare courses and specializations offered across programs. Look for a curriculum that covers key accounting topics like financial reporting, auditing, taxation, and information systems. Specializations in areas like fraud examination or international accounting may also be appealing depending on your interests.

Evaluate Faculty and Resources

Look for programs with experienced faculty and useful resources for students. High-quality online programs should provide interactive coursework, web conferencing, networking opportunities, and career support services. Check if full-time or adjunct faculty teach the courses and their levels of experience.

Consider Cost and Time to Completion

Tuition and fees vary significantly across MBA programs. Compare costs and available scholarships or grants. Also, consider how long each program takes to complete. Most online MBA programs take 2 to 3 years to finish while accelerated programs can take as little as 12 months. Choose an option that fits your budget and timeline.

Think About Post-Graduate Support

Look for an online MBA program that provides career support after you graduate. Useful services include job placement assistance, mentorship programs, networking events, and refresher courses. These resources can help you land an accounting job or advance your career.

In summary, evaluate your needs and career goals to choose an accredited online MBA in accounting program with experienced faculty, useful resources, and post-graduate support. Comparing factors like curriculum, cost, and time-to-completion will help you find the best fit. With the right education, you can open up more career opportunities and earning potential as an accounting professional.

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Considering an online MBA specifically for accounting can help advance your career and open new opportunities in the field. With the programs highlighted here, you can find a top program that fits within your schedule and budget. Compare each option closely to determine the best fit for your goals. An accounting MBA online allows you to gain valuable new skills and knowledge without stepping away from your work. Approach the programs that appeal to you and request more information to make an informed decision. With an understanding of the available options, you can confidently choose an accounting MBA program online that will provide you with the education to reach your full potential.

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