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IBM Clubs Data Privacy Statement

What data we collect and why

By joining the IBM Club, you agree that your personal information may be retained and used for the purposes of running IBM Club. Such information will not be used for any other purpose. The personal information retained by local IBM Clubs may include:

• Your IBM personnel number - to uniquely identify you.
• Your name and e-mail address - to facilitate contact with you on IBM Club business.
• Your address and telephone number, should you choose to provide them and would prefer to be contacted on Club business by post and/or phone as opposed to email (Retirees only).
• Details of IBM Club events and meetings that you attend, including details of payments made by you for such attendance. This is to enable Clubs to complete event reconciliations.
• Details of IBM Club subsections to which you subscribe, including details of payments made by you for such subscriptions. This is to ensure your membership subscriptions are up to date and the Club has an accurate membership listing for that Subsection.
As described above, the collection of Personal Information is for the purposes of Club administration processes only and is therefore for the legitimate interests of the IBM Club as the Data Controller. Furthermore, the gathering of the above personal information is necessary in order for the IBM Club to effectively communicate Club events with Club members.
You have a right to object on grounds relating to your particular situation. Please contact the (for employees) or in the first instance.

How we collect your data

Your data is collected from your completed application form for joining the IBM Club.

For employees, by completing the online form on w3, your details are subsequently provided by the HR system. The data is then collected and kept as part of a master membership list (containing details on all IBM Club members) and individual membership lists (containing details on members affiliated to a specific club).

For Retirees, Pensions Trust provided a view of all Retiree members as of the 1st April 2018. Since then, data is collected directly from new Retiree members when they complete an application form.

When do we share your data and with who?

The master membership list is shared with a small number of representatives from each Club, primarily to check eligibility for attending events. For example, if an IBM employee from North Harbour, would like to attend an event at IBM Basingstoke Club, the Basingstoke Club would need to consult the master membership list to see if that IBM employee was a Club member, and if so, which Club they’re affiliated.

A further membership list is generated specific to each Club, which is made available to nominated Committee members of each Club. This specific individual list forms the basis for a distribution list for Club events.

It should be noted that Club Committees and therefore Club representatives include both IBM employees and IBM retirees.

Where we store your data

Both the master and individual membership lists are password protected files stored on Box and the password is provided separately to the Club representatives. Access is carefully monitored and controlled via regular CBN checks (Continued Business Need)

How long do we keep your data for?

Every new membership list supersedes the previous and any earlier version(s) will be deleted. If you decide to leave the IBM Club, your details will be deleted from the membership list effective from the 6th of the following month after the request is received (if received in time for payroll cut-off for employee members).

Know your rights

You have the right to ensure the data we hold is accurate, the right to see the data we hold on you and the right to delete your data as appropriate. Please contact for employee members or if you require further information on this.

Right to Lodge a Complaint

In the event you consider our processing of your personal information not to be compliant with the applicable data protection laws, you can lodge a complaint:

• Directly with IBM by using this [here].
• With the competent data protection authority. The name and contact details of the Data Protection Authorities in the European Union can be found [here]

Who is the data controller?

For the purposes of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the controller of your personal information is the IBM subsidiary (legal entity) that employs you, are where you are working for or on whose location you are working, with which you are collaborating, or which you are advising.

Recent changes

In readiness for GDPR, the UK IBM Clubs have taken the following actions:

1) Updated the Data Privacy Statement on:-
- all application forms
- all available websites, both internal and external

2) Provided clear guidance to Club Committees on the following:-
- Data handling
- Data retention
- Data transfer

Useful links
Search for “Regulation (EU) 2016/679: GDPR online



As of the beginning of April 2018, the eligibility criteria for a "Retiree" member has changed and as a result, there will no longer be an Associate Member category. The new criteria is as follows:

A "Retiree" member is any ex-IBM employee with 10 years of service who has attained minimum pension age for their plan regardless of Pension Plan or whether they're in receipt of their Pension.

In addition, the fee structure is also changing. Retiree Clubs will be free for all "Retiree" members and Local Clubs (otherwise known as Employee Clubs) will be subscription based. It should be noted that "Retirees" who have been informed that they're entitled to free membership to an IBM Club (primarily those who have left IBM on a Defined Benefit pension scheme) will continue to have free membership, regardless of which Club they affiliate with.

Therefore "Associate" members who paid an annual subscription and were a member of a Local Club, will continue to pay a membership , but will be known as "Retirees" going forwards as opposed to "Associate" members. If you haven't already paid, your subscription is now due.

"Associate" members who paid an annual subscription and were a member of a Retiree Club, will no longer be required to pay a subscription and will simply be known as "Retirees" going forwards. If you've already paid your subscription, you will be due a refund.
If for some reason, you believe you are no longer eligible, please talk to your Club in the first instance, and contact the in the second instance. There is an exception process; if a Club would like to authorise a new joiner who doesn't fit the criteria above, a case should be presented to the IBM Trustee for approval via the Oversight Manager. Any approved exceptions will be documented for audit purposes.

The purpose of these changes are to make the definition of a "Retiree" more inclusive, more fair and equitable to those on non-Defined Benefit pension plans, in addition to levelling the playing field between "Employees" and "Retirees" in local clubs.


To join or leave IBM Club, or to change the local club to which you are affiliated, please send an e-mail to Please also use this e-mail address to notify any changes in contact details, in particular your e-mail address. If you benefit from an IBM defined benefit pension please also remember to inform the IBM Pensions Trust at

To join or leave IBM Club, or to change the local club to which you are affiliated, please send an e-mail to, copying the local club with which you wish to affiliate. Once your eligibility has been confirmed you make payment directly to your local club, who in turn notify the IBM Club administrator when your subscription payment is received. Associate membership subscriptions fall due in January with those joining during the year paying £2 per remaining whole or part month. Subscription reminders will be sent out in January each year to those who have provided an e-mail address. Associate memberships not renewed by February will lapse and lapsed members removed from the monthly UK IBM Club membership list.


The various categories of IBM Club membership are defined in the constitution.

Choosing a club

All IBM Club members, whether they are still employed by IBM or are IBM retirees, have the right to choose with which local club they affiliate, whether that be one of the six retiree clubs, or a club associated with a current or historical IBM location.
Depending on where you live there may be more than one local club whose events you may wish to take part in. You may only affiliate with one local club, but clubs operate a policy whereby any member can apply for events run by any club. In making up your mind with which club to affiliate you should review the events of the candidate clubs and decide between them on the basis of which club's events you are most likely to attend. If your attendance pattern changes, or you move location, you can easily change your affiliation.

For information on Membership of the IBM Clubs

This web site provides a starting point for finding out what you need to know as an IBM employee or an IBM retiree about membership of IBM Clubs and the benefits that go with it.

Surviving spouse/partner of a deceased IBM Retiree club member who was an eligible member of the IBM Club should fill in the following Dependant Membership form and send to

All applications should be sent to IBM Human Resources who will pass on your details to the UK Club Administrator who will send details to your chosen club.