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IBM require the clubs to perform vendor testing when organising events. In most cases we are putting on events for which there are no options like buying tickets for shows etc. The only time we performed a test was on the coach suppliers and on that occasion our regular supplier came out tops mainly with the quality of the coach and their flexibility with bookings. The clubs have discussed these requirements with IBM and they have now issued a statement which they would like us to put up on our website. This covers us for future events and testing requirements.

Vendor Testing
'Events-Unless otherwise stated, vendor selection will be based on likely attractiveness to members, convenient location for South Hants Club, and group rates offered.  There is no personal relationship with the vendor and the vendor is not an IBM employee “ 

Programme for 2017

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Close date and Booking Status



Wed 8th Les Miserables K Wright 1 15.00 10.30 Full
Wed 1st Brick Lane Music Hall S Clark 1 10.00 17.00 Full
  Thurs 30th Adams Farm S Cail 1 9.00 17.00  cancelled
Apl Wed 5th London drop D Smith 1 9.30 17.15  
Wed 12th Million Dollar Quartet S Cail 1 16.00   Full
Thurs 18th Fontwell Park Racing Event K Wright 1 15.00 20.20 Places
Mon 22nd Marlborough and the Kennet barge trip D Smith 1 9.30 1730 Full
Thurs 15th Royal Pavillion - Brighton D Whitbourne 1 10.00 17.00 Full
Wed 21st Swanage and the railway J Mills 1 9.30 17.30 Full
Thurs 6th Hampton Court Flower Show S Cail 1 9.30 16.00 Full
Wed 12th Bowood House S Clark 1 9.00 17.00 Full
Thurs 27th Summer Lunch at New Place D Whitbourne n/a 12.00   Full
Tues 8th Mystery Tour S Clark 1 9.00 16.30 Full
Thurs 17th Royal London & Buckingham Palace (C&V tour) A Reid 1 8.30 17.00 Full
Sept Mon 4th Cruise ship visit to Britannia K Wright 1 9.00 15.00 Full
Thurs 7th Abingdon & the Country cruise (C&V tour) A Reid 1 9.00 17.00 Full
Thurs 21st American in Paris J Mills 1 15.00 22..30 Full
Thurs 19th American in Paris J Mills 1 15.00 22.30 Full
Wed 11th Churchill War Rooms & lunch at Red Lion S Clark 1 9.45 17.30 Full
 Nov Tues 14th Labour of Love K Wright 1 15.00 22.30 Full
  Sun 19th Classical Spectacular S Cail 1 15.00 22.30 Full
  29th London Drop off with London Lights D Smith 1 09.30 17.00  
11,13,15   Christmas Lunch at Langstone Hotel J Mills n/a 12.00    

Events Calendar

Please note....
The Events Calendar is provided for guidance only. The dates of trips are subject to change because they are dependent on coach and entry availability. The website will be updated to reflect any changes.
All the events can only be booked on the appropriate forms.
Once bookings have been closed it will show if there are any remaining places that may be available for late booking. If it doesn't show 'full' then please contact the event organiser by phone or email to check availability.