The IBM Retired
Employee Club (South Hants)

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Programme for 2020

Please note....
The Events Calendar is provided for guidance only. The dates of trips are subject to change because they are dependent on coach and entry availability. The website will be updated to reflect any changes.
All the events can only be booked on the appropriate forms.
Once bookings have been closed it will show if there are any remaining places that may be available for late booking. If it doesn't show 'full' then please contact the event organiser by phone or email to check availability.




Date of Publication

Booking Status



Feb Wed 12th Tutankhamun D Smith 1 08.15 16.45 Nov 2019
Mar Thurs 19th AGM and Lunch at Langstone Hotel J Mills n/a     Cancelled
  Wed 18th Wicked - Matinee plus 3 course buffet D Smith 1 11.00 19.30 Cancelled
  Tues 31st Herstmonceaux Observatory & town/city nearby S Clark 1     Cancelled
April   29th Leonardslee Gardens S Clark   9.30 16.00 Cancelled
    tba London Drop D Smith       Cancelled
May Thurs 14th Bletchley Park K Wright 1 9.00 16.00 Cancelled
  Thurs 28th The Windrush Cotswolds (C&V tour) A Reid 1 8.30 16.30 Cancelled
June Wed 3rd Pretty Woman - Matinee plus 3 course buffet D Smith 1 11.00 19.30 Cancelled
  Tues 23rd Ardingly International Antiques & Collectors Fair J Mills 1     Cancelled
  Thurs 25th Biscuits and Bayeux Tapestry (C&V tour) A Reid 1     Cancelled
July Sat 11th Yeovilton Air Display R Munday 1     Cancelled
  Mon/Frid 20/24th The Black Country and Shrewsbury D Whitbourne 1 9.30 17.00 Cancelled
    tba Murder Mystery - Langstone Quays J Mills n/a     Cancelled
Aug Thurs 6th Mystery Tour S Clark 1     Cancelled
    tba Mary Poppins K Wright 1     Cancelled
  Thurs 20th Goodwood House - afternoon tea         Cancelled
Sept   tba RHS Wisley R Munday 1     Cancelled
  Thurs 17th Silk Mill plus Lunch and Bombay Saphire tour K Wright 1     Cancelled
Oct Wed 7th AGM via Zoom D Whitbourne n/a      
  Thurs 22nd London Drop D Smith 1     Cancelled
Nov Frid 6th Brick Lane, This country called England - matinee S Clark 1     Cancelled
  Wed 25th The Drifters Girl - Staring Beverley Knight D Smith 1      
  Frid/Mon 27th/30th European Christmas Markets Valkenburg & Aachen D Whitbourne 1     Cancelled
Dec M/W/F 7th/9th/11th Christmas Lunches J Mills n/a 12.30 14.00 Cancelled
  Wed 16th Longleat Festival of Light S Clark 1     Cancelled