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Employee Club (South Hants)

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Programme for 2019

Please note....
The Events Calendar is provided for guidance only. The dates of trips are subject to change because they are dependent on coach and entry availability. The website will be updated to reflect any changes.
All the events can only be booked on the appropriate forms.
Once bookings have been closed it will show if there are any remaining places that may be available for late booking. If it doesn't show 'full' then please contact the event organiser by phone or email to check availability.




Date of Publication

Booking Status



Feb Tues 12th Cirque du Soleil A Reid 1 15.00 22.30 Full
Mar Thurs 14th AGM J Mills n/a     January
  Wed 27th Shepherd Neame Brewery Tour and Lunch J Mills 1 08.15 15.00 Cancelled
April Tues 2nd 9 to 5 (Dolly Parton) D Smith 1 15.00 22.30 February
  Tues 30th London Drop D Smith 1 09.30 18.30 March
May Thurs 16th Stourhead R Munday 1 09.00 16.30 Cancelled
  Wed 22nd Hever Castle K Wright 1 09.30 16.30 Full
June Thurs 13th Tower of London S Clark 1 08.30 19.00 April
  Tues 25th Legal London A Reid 1 08.30 16.30 April
July Thurs 11th Bowood House and Gardens S Clark 1 09.00 17.00 May
  Frid 19th Jersey Boy tribute at Langstone Quays Hotel D Whitbourne n/a 6.30   March
  Thurs 25th This County called England (C&V Cruise) A Reid 1 08.45 17.45 May
Aug Thurs 8th Mystery Tour S Clark 1 08.45 19.00 June
  Thurs 15th Waitress - London Musical Show D Smith 1 15.00 10.30 June
  Sat 17th Shuttleworth D Smith       Cancelled
  Thurs 22nd Bath drop R Munday       July
Sept Mon/Frid 9th/13th O/N trip (Welsh highlands) D Whitbourne 1 08.30 19.00 Full
  Tues 24th Beaulieu Abbey and Motor Museum S Clark       July
Oct tba   Brooklands and Mercedes World D Smith       July
  tba   Houses of Parliament Visit (in session) S Clark       Aug
  Mon 28th Goodwood afternoon tea and tour J Mills        
Nov tba   Westminster Abbey tour (C&V) A Reid 1      
  Wed 27th London drop D Smith 1 09.30    
Dec tba   Cruising into Christmas (C&V tour) A Reid        
  M/W/F 9/11/13 Christmas Lunches J Mills        
Feb Wed 12th

Tutankhamun Exhibition

D Smith