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Coronations & Celebrations on Thursday 14th November

A City and Village guided tour

Organiser of this Event is Ann Reid, Tel: 07777661214

Coaches leave North Harbour at 08.15 am and leave Destination at 4.30pm

Cost of this event is £32 p.p.

Close Date : 30th September 2019


This tour now includes the Vox Wireless Tour Gide System & special ear pieces for hearing aid users

Kings, queens, statesmen & soldiers. Poets, priests, heroes and villains. All coronations since 1066. The weddings of 16 Kings & Queens. The final resting place of 17 monarchs. Westminster Abbey is a living pageant of British history. Groups can only visit with a Blue Badge Guide and ours have passed the very exacting Abbey exams with flying colours.

Arrive at 10.30am for time to buy morning refreshments. To do full justice to the Abbey we’ll split the group in half - each for an intimate guided Abbey tour and each for free time to explore two unique and important institutions a stone’s throw from the Abbey.

In the Abbey we show you the Shrine of Edward the Confessor, the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior and Poets Corner. Heraldic banners hang beneath the sublimely beautiful fan vaulted ceiling of the Henry VII chapel and we see how mediaeval architects created a theatre for coronations.

For the other half of your day you’ll be free to visit St Margaret’s Westminster, Parliament’s parish church and the Supreme Court - the highest court in the land set up to replace the Law Lords.

We come together to buy refreshments before heading home at 4.30pm ahead of the rush hour.

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