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Swindon Steam Museum and Shopping Outlet on 25th October 2018

Organiser of this Event is Richard Munday,

Coaches leave North Harbour at 9.30am and return 17.00pm

Cost of this event is £12 p.p.

Close date for applications: 14th September

A day of mixed experiences: Visit the Swindon Steam museum, eat in the food hall then shop in the outlet store!

STEAM – The museum of the Great Western Railway is in the heart of the former Swindon Railway Works. Located right next to Swindon's Designer Outlet centre and food hall.
The museum tells the story of the men and women who built, operated and travelled on the Great Western Railway, a network that, through the pioneering vision and genius of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, set the standard for rail travel.

This story is brought to life with famous GWR locomotives, imaginative story-telling displays, videos - mixing rare archive film footage with the stories of ex-railway workers - hands-on exhibits, interactive displays and a large number of rare GWR objects memorabilia. The museum is peopled by character figures life-cast from Swindon people - many of them former railway workers.

Stepping into the museum, visitors are taken into the world of the railway worker at Swindon, passing through a series of reconstructions, carefully assembled using original equipment, supported by video and interactive displays.

The food hall offers a variety of eating choices and the Outlet Centre has a wide range of designer stores to visit.

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