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The IBM Retired Employee Club (South Hants) Branch is available to some categories of retiree. The club promotes and encourages group social activities among retirees and their partners (or guest) and is a great way to pursue the activities that you enjoy, it is also a good way to meet other IBM retirees. The club is run by members who volunteer their time to organise social events. The programme is compiled by a small committee, who seek to make it varied and appealing to our wide variety of members.

Club News

Message from the Chairman and Committee

Dear Members,

This month’s message is one that we never thought we would have to deliver. As those few that attended the AGM will know, the club hadn’t received any subsidy from IBM to support our events for 2022 and communication with IBM about it was almost impossible. When a channel was eventually found we were given hope that all was well and that money would be forthcoming.

This couldn’t have been further from the truth. After a little back and forth all UK IBM Club Chairmen received an e-mail which contained a lot of IBM speak but in its heart was the statement “from the end of June 2022 IBM will cease its formal support to the UK clubs “. IBM UK have set up a project to end their involvement with all social and retiree clubs in the UK and this is part of a global initiative to end a longstanding IBM institution.

From our club’s point of view we cannot function without the IBM subsidy so it is with a heavy heart that we are planning how we will close it down.This
closure only applies to the South Hants Retiree club, other clubs may decide to continue independently and you may be able to join one of these.

We do have some funds available which we would like to use to subsidise a final club event.

It has been proposed that we could run a summer lunch on 26th & 27th July at Langstone Quays where we have run the Christmas lunch for some years. To be able to plan the event effectively we need to know that the membership is behind the proposal so we need you all to send an e-mail to the club secretary ( stating your interest. Just an e-mail with INTERESTED in the subject line and your name, personnel number and your seat requirement (1 or 2) in the body of the e-mail. Once we have the number of interested members, we will be able to establish the ticket price.

Please help us to make the closure of the club as positive as possible even to say “let’s go out with a bang”.

Kind regards,
Your Committee

COVID update

Please also be aware that although the government regulations concerning COVID19 have changed the committee have decided that for everyone’s safety mask wearing will be compulsory on all trips. Masks will be available for those who forget their own but anyone refusing to wear a mask will not be allowed on the coach and no refund will be given. If someone is exempt for medical reasons proof will be required.

Events now available for Booking

If you have access to 'Word' then you can download the latest booking forms [here]

(this download is only available for New Events).

Booking Forms

To access the Booking forms, please click on the trip under Upcoming Events

To download booking forms you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can download for free the latest version of Adobe Reader by clicking [here]

Car Parking at North Harbour.

The parking space for our trips is Car Park B . The coach will be parking for pick up and drop off in the lay-by. Although there is a barrier at the entrance of car park A this will be open. If you not sure where Car Park A is, then please refer to the map under the Car Parking tab.

Senior Citizen discounts

If a senior citizen discount has been applied then no person under retirement age will be eligible.


To see how we comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations, please read the Data Privacy Statement on the Membership page.


If you have to cancel for any reason please contact the organizer of the event.(You will find this information on the booking form). If you are unable to speak to the organiser then please contact another member of the committee. (Do not leave a message on an answer phone!!)
f you cancel on the day then you can ring the mobile number of the event organiser this will be sent to you when you are confirmed on the trip.

Please refer to the 'Constitution' under the section Local By-laws on the club's policy for refunds if a person is unable to attend an event.

Cheque Payments

We have recently had a number of cheques returned to us as the drawer is in the process of switching banks. I don’t know what the new bank is telling you but the result is that a cheque drawn on your old bank will be rejected and represented by our bank to your new bank. On it’s own this would not be a problem, however, each time this happens we are charged £4 by our own bank. I am therefore making you aware that you are fully responsible for any charges we receive from this process.

Ron Bunce Treasurer

Upcoming Events

For full details of the trip and to download the Booking forms please click on the Event.

All places are allocated on a ballot basis, from time to time we do a first come first served, but it will be clearly marked on the Booking form when this applies.

Any tickets/places that are still available for Events after the closing date can be found here:

For further information please click on the event

If you wish to be notified when the latest Booking forms are available on the website please email with your request to be added to the distribution list.

Please make sure we have your correct email address

All applications to join the club and changes to home address should be sent to